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s_topTEMP320x187-6260All the latest from City Hall on developments, community, services and events –

Community Development
 SteelHouse – Building plans were approved on January 8th for structural seismic upgrades at 3644 Eastham Drive.
 Airport Marina Ford – Building plans were approved on December 28th for the installation of a parts carousel at 6002 Centinela Avenue.
 Apple, Inc. – The Building Safety Division issued a Building
Permit on January 11th for a 73,024 square foot tenant
improvement for minor demolition work, new non-structural
partitions, new doorways, new finishes, and modifications to
existing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems at 8550
Higuera Street.
 Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies – Building plans were approved on January 5th for a new retail store at 10814 Jefferson Boulevard.
 Target Corporation – Building plans were submitted on December
28th for a tenant improvement for an interior remodel, fixtures,
restrooms, entry area, grocery, fitting rooms, guest services, office
area, reconfigure Starbucks office and check lanes at 10820
Jefferson Boulevard.
 Westfield Culver City – Lenscrafters submitted building plans on
December 31st for a 5,156 tenant improvement for an
optometrist store.
 L.A. Bite – A final building inspection was completed by the Building Safety Division, on December 31st for an 11,756 square foot tenant improvement at 12100 E. Washington Boulevard.
 Blue Bottle Coffee – A final building inspection was completed by the Building Safety Division on January 5th for a new coffee shop at (THE
PLATFORM), 8830 Washington Boulevard.
 Spring – The Building Safety Division issued a Building Permit on January 11th for a 746 square foot tenant improvement for a new retail store at (THE PLATFORM) 8840 Washington Boulevard.
 Parabellum – The Building Safety Division issued a building permit on January 11th, for a 454 square foot tenant improvement for Parabellum, a leather goods retail store at (THE PLATFORM) 8840 Washington Boulevard.

 Fire Department
 El Niño Preparation – In preparation for last week’s El Niño storms, which dumped approximately 4-5 inches of rain on Culver City, residents lined up at Fire Station 1 (9600 Culver Boulevard) to fill sandbags. During the course of the week, the Culver City Public Works Department delivered approximately 5-6 trucks of sand and 3,000 bags. For future storms, residents are reminded that this service is available for emergent or emergency flooding conditions only and are asked to adhere to the 25 bag per household policy. According to the National Weather Service, El Niño storms will continue through March. Please take time to prepare or review your emergency plans and supplies. For more information on how to prepare for disasters, please visit
Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department
 The Culver City Senior Center Annual Christmas Day Luncheon – The 2015 Christmas Day Luncheon at the Culver City Senior Center, sponsored by the Culver City Senior Citizens Association, took place at noon on December 25th Now in its 45th year, almost 200 participants attended this annual event, with entertainment provided by Ronnie Jayne and approximately 40 volunteers from Temple Akiba. Culver City businesses provided an elaborate meal: Joxer Daly’s Irish Pub and Restaurant provided 15 20-pound turkeys, cooked, carved and ready for pick-up on Christmas morning; Doubletree Hotel provided 5 gallons of gravy; dressing was provided by Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop; fingerling potatoes
from The Culver Hotel; 5 gallons of country gravy from Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken; and cranberry sauce from Akasha Restaurant.


Police Department

 Culver Crest Neighborhood Watch – On Thursday, January 14th, Lieutenant Sam Agaiby and Animal Service Officer Corolla Fleeger attended this meeting and spoke about the coyote management plan that will be presented to the City Council later this month.

 New Police Officer Sworn In- On Wednesday, January 13th, Chief Scott Bixby held a swearing in ceremony for two new Police Officers. Officer John Tropeano and Daniel Gigliobianco joined the ranks of the Police Department. Please welcome Officers Tropeano and Gigliobianco to the Culver City family.

Public Works Department

 Culver City Reduces Energy Consumption in December 2015 – City Hall’s use of electricity was down 14% from December 2014 to December 2015.

 Culver City Reduces Water by 17.6% from June 2015 through January 2016 –Culver City Reduces Water by 17.6% from June 2015 through January 2016 –

 Conserve Water with a FREE Rain Barrel – West Basin will hold a FREE Rain Barrel Distribution Event on Saturday, January 23rd from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Using a Rain Barrel to collect and reuse water reduces the amount of water flowing into storm drains, local waterways and ensures that every drop of water is being used effectively. Participants Must:

 Be a resident in West Basin’s service area (

 Be registered to participate in the program Rain Barrel Must:

 Be mounted in a way that allows the barrel to receive water unimpeded from a rain gutter.

 Not block or restrict access to walkways or pathways.  Be elevated 6 inches off the ground on a solid foundation.

 Be strapped to your home for safety if the height of the barrel is two times greater than the width.

To register for this event, go to or call the South Bay Environmental Services Center at (310) 371-4633 and ask about the rain barrel program. (Photo: West Basin Municipal Water District)

 Help Maintain Culver City Rain Gardens – Culver City Rain Gardens capture rain and surface runoff, filters noxious contaminants that would otherwise flow into the Ballona Creek, and beautifies the urban landscape. You’re help is needed to weed, water, and maintain the garden to give the newly planted natives time to take root and thrive. Community Service hours will be given along with plenty of feel good vibes for a job well done in helping to keep our waterways clean.

Note: Bring water, sunscreen, a snack if desired, and please wear closed-toed shoes. Tools and gloves provided. Cleanups are from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

South Creek Side Location – Commercial (South Creek Side) At the end of Pearson Avenue, 500 feet from Jefferson Boulevard. Parking is available on Jefferson Boulevard on either side of Pearson Avenue. \

 January 23, 2016  March 12, 2016  May 14, 2016 North Creek Side Location – Residential (North Creek Side) At the end of Jackson Avenue behind locked gate opened for the event. For GPS navigation, use 4306 Jackson Avenue. Park anywhere along Jackson Avenue.

 February 20, 2016  April 9, 2016  June 18, 2016 For more information or questions, please contact Mark Abramson at (310) 490- 0279.

 Annual Parking Meter Battery Replacement – The Public Works-Maintenance Operations Division has begun its annual parking meter battery replacement. Staff will replace approximately 1,000 parking meter batteries citywide to ensure they are all fresh and maintain the functionality of all the meters. This process only applies to non-credit card accepting meters that utilize 9 volt batteries that do not have the capability of alerting staff when they need to be replaced, like the credit card accepting units.

 Water Smart Landscaping Classes for 2016 – West Basin Municipal Water District and its member agencies are partnering with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offer free training classes on Water Smart landscaping. These classes introduce a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance that emphasizes water-use efficiency. The first workshop of the year will have many topics to cover. Be prepared to absorb some great information and leave the class with ideas for your own backyard oasis. This three-hour seminar is fast-paced and informative. It will offer solutions to common landscape problems. Participants will learn to think about landscapes from the soil up. In addition, they will learn how to design landscapes for the Southern California environment.

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