Kent, Burke Take School Board Seats

school-board-electionsKelly Kent and Anne Burke will be the next holders of office for the CCUSD School Board. The election of November 3, 2015 gave Kent 1, 888 votes and Burke 1,461 votes to decide the contest. Scott McVarish finished third with a total of 1,228 votes.

Kent was enthused and said she is “really looking forward to starting in on the real business of the board. I’m very pleased to be working with Anne, and I’m sure we’ll be able to come together to move things forward for the schools.”

Burke was happy to be elected, and relieved to have succeeded at the end of the campaign. “All three of the candidates were highly qualified people with good intentions, and now that we have the contest settled, we can start on the service, which is why we ran.”

Both Kent and Burke thanked their supporters, and all the voters who turned out.

Scott McVarish was gracious in reconciling his loss. “Kelly ran a very good campaign, and my hat is off to her. I’m sorry I did not have more time to put into my campaign, butt I’m very grateful to all to my supporters and I want to thank everyone most sincerely for their efforts on my behalf.”

Kent was also vocal about the need to get people involved. “It’s so important – to our schools, to our children, to our community – that we get people into the process. ”

Both victory parties were crowded with supporters, and the end of the campaign trail was agreed to be a wonderful milestone.

New school board members will be sworn in next month.

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