SIP for Our Schools Raises Spirits and Funds

XvplvVZHZyZb2L8Emh0Ly95roj0jBMu2Skez_XDvxnc,1q00eO99YvooH7XmGObZ6akGaxEbYgHRK0lIHo75Wu8,L6IPeT-AiY3593NXZGpj6uqwDxojbHw6EX4sshmPv08,d2C96mXdf6hOyD-NZPYMv8XHDuEzUjTQ0fXVkhJFcIQIt was a pleasantly cool evening at the Rachlin Partners on October 17, 2015 when the Culver City Education Foundation took over the patio to host “Sip for Our Schools,”  the annual wine tasting fundraiser.  With the AVPA Jazz Combo providing the music, school patrons got to enjoy a varied selection of wines from Sorrento’s, and some memorable craft beers from City Tavern.  the wonderful selection of appetizers was the perfect compliment to the conversations about PTA, booster clubs, school board candidates and all the wonderful things that CCEF RCveSM3J-DsdQZ13kExD2-R2Yc0jazh3fkpFFtBpV-I,vl7bnSP4utSjOthJUoIYnzhE9RPA-E-4qWBQw-0yruQ,ni2wfEj_A6MGpfKhPAalwfBTHqGIRd6kRPkhzVNlouc,0LxJwoaln2EPtakqtJPtUme69ofq_jvceiN-PuOlm3Mprovides for CCUSD.

The total raised was not available to the media as of this posting, but with the silent auction bringing in funds in addition to the ticket sales, it seemed to be another very successful night for the CCEF.

Congratulations to Leslie Adler and the CCEF Board for putting on such a lovely event.

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