Fiesta La Ballona = ZERO WASTE

0a7c508a5ce905d3dd5516da07232b60Fiesta La Ballona (FLB) August 28-30 at Veterans Memorial Park is proud to have Haynes Building Service return as the Zero Waste (ZW) sponsor. Yes, Haynes is back again this year to lead the Zero-Waste efforts for FLB. Last year, Haynes with the support of Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations was able to prevent 5 tons of waste from being landfilled.
Haynes Building Service is a facilities services company based out of Monrovia, Ca. and was one of the main leads for the 2015 Super Bowl (Zero Waste) held in Phoenix Arizona. That event successfully prevented 80% of wastes being landfilled. Haynes is the City of Culver City janitorial service provider and without Haynes support and keen knowledge on event Zero Wasting it would be challenging for FLB 2015 to achieve Zero-Waste for this event.
The Zero Waste Fiesta team is preparing by encouraging food and non-food vendors alike to use reusable and recyclable materials when designing their booth, as well as considering reusable items such as bringing their own water bottles and when possible minimizing paper waste. This would mean that there won’t be much waste to start with which is the first R in Reduce Reuse and Recycle mantra. During Fiesta, ZW Ambassadors will greet and meet the vendors to encourage and educate on how to Zero Waste at Fiesta.
FLB will use a new three-bin system to collect materials for composting (food, food-soiled paper and green waste to be turned into compost) and for recycling (clean paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum) and of course a bin for trash (diapers etc.). Haynes will be providing round the clock Fiesta coverage for monitoring the waste generated. To introduce the waste system, volunteers at select stations will assist attendees as they sort their leftovers, containers and other items into the correct bins.
This year FLB participants can view the mini Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) onsite in action. It will be located in the far northeast corner of FLB by the Teen Center parking lot. The mini MRF will have staff and volunteers checking bags and material to make sure the items for disposal are diverted from the landfill as appropriate. Signage and unique Clear Stream containers will be utilized throughout FLB to encourage the FLB goer to sort and separate at the time they dispose of any waste. The unique design allows for a clear plastic bag to be used and lets the disposer see what each container’s contents should be.
Compost will be another diversion method explored and used to divert waste at the Fiesta. Compost can be made from food or green waste and typically this material can yield as much as 20 to 30 percent of what is in the waste stream. Food waste and bedding or manure from the petting zoo will go to Culver City’s composting program which sends the organic material to a processor using the Windrows System of composting. With good composting and recycling programs, there isn’t much need for trash bins, but they’ll be there too.
Fiesta Fiesta!
For more information on Fiesta Zero Waste 2015, contact Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations Catherine Vargas, Environmental Coordinator at 310.253.6411 or by email [email protected]

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