Good Dirt LA Needs You! (and You Need Good Dirt)

11009219_10104177902381980_7373136986594974741_nSo, if you started out in Medellin, Colombia, and detoured through Athens, Georgia how could you end up in Culver City? Good luck and Good Dirt!

Lina Alvarez, a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Art, was looking online for a kiln. She’s been teaching ceramics for years, and it was what she thought might be her next small step. When she found a whole ceramics studio for sale, she realized that it might be time for a much bigger step.

The studio, nestled into a quiet corner of Culver City, was being sold by another potter. Alvarez, who currently teaches at a studio in West Hollywood, felt that this could be a wonderful opportunity to get Culver City into ceramics. The catch? She needs to raise enough money on her Indiegogo campaign by April 1, 2015 to make it happen.

So, how would a pottery studio benefit Culver City? Alvarez offered, “I love to see my students benefit from working with clay. For me, pottery has been very therapeutic. It has helped me cope with symptoms related to Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and exhaustion. Through pottery I am reminded to be patient and gentle, and to live in the moment. I truly believe everyone can benefit from the gentle teachings of pottery.”

And you can make your own wonderful coffee cups.

The studio, located in a discreet spot near Centinela, might be able to open the doors to folks looking to 10929204_10104086523665660_8375107977726147407_nreally get their hands into come creative fun.

Alvarez began teaching at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens, Georgia, and spent 10 years teaching techniques such as hand building and wheel throwing. “With first time students I focus more on the experience and creativity rather than the results. I believe that skills come with practice and dedication.”

Think Culver City would benefit from some Good Dirt? Here’s the link –

Toss a little pay dirt at Alvarez and she’ll gift you with classes or ceramics or both. It’s a win-win-win. Culver City gets more art, Alvarez gets a place to teach, and you might get charge off of your own creative juices.


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