Unger Honored at 54th District “Woman of the Year”

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Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas said, “Catherine L. Unger is former president of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges and former co-chair of the Los Angeles Women’s Political Committee. Her fight for women’s reproductive rights throughout her notable professional career has helped save women’s lives. She has inspired many women and men through her dedication to our community, making her a shining representative for my “Women Making History Month” acknowledgement.”

“Cathy Unger has been a political affairs consultant for over 30 years, working for political, corporate and non-profit entities. She serves on the boards of directors of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project, California Community Foundation, Goldman School of Public Policy, and American Jewish Committee. Mrs. Unger is a native of Los Angeles. She is a product of our state’s UC system, having received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley,” he said.

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