Dear Editor – Big Show Big Success

Light-bulb-0003-300x198I just wanted to send a huge note of congratulations & some big kudos to everyone involved in making the Big Show a big success. I loved everything I saw and it seemed to go very smoothly. I think it was a lovely way to show off the Frost and all of its facets (I had no idea how many little pockets of space there are in the place).

Please pass along compliments to your students and kids. The only disappointing thing is that the show isn’t running several nights ~ so as to really see everything.

Thanks for everything you did to give the students such an amazing opportunity to shine and share what they can do! I’m so impressed with them and so happy for my daughter that she’s a part of such a terrific thing.

Happy holidays & best wishes for a beautiful and very happy new year to all of you,
Colleen Malone-Engel

The Actors' Gang

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