Meeting in a Minute – City Council Highlights Oct. 27

imagesHere are some highlights from the City Council meeting of October 27, 2014. At this meeting, the City Council:

Presented a commendation to K-9 Officer Boyca on the occasion of his retirement.

Approved a purchase order with UTC Fire and Security for an amount not-to-exceed
$156,455.00 and an agreement with Wincal Technology Corp. for an amount not-to-
exceed $21,019.00 for the installation of electronic audio/video recording equipment.

Approved a professional services agreement with Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling in an amount not-to-exceed $134,400.00 for the re-plastering of the Municipal Plunge and approved
a professional services agreement with Knorr Systems, Inc. in an amount not-to-exceed
$27,626.12 to replace the two filter tanks at the Municipal Plunge.

Approved additional change orders in the amount of $13,579; accepted the work performed by the contractor PTM General Engineering Services, Inc., for the Linwood E. Howe Safe Routes to School Project, PZ-941 in the amount of $431,913; and authorized the release of retention funds in the amount of $21,596 to PTM General Engineering Services, Inc. upon expiration of the thirty-five day lien period.

Approved a Professional Services Agreement with Psomas in an amount not-to-exceed $589,100 for design services related to the Bankfield Sewage Pump Station Project (PZ-874).

Adopted an ordinance amending Chapter 9.11 of the Culver City Municipal Code (CCMC) relating to smoking regulations to add a new Subchapter 9.11.200, et seq.,regulating smoking in multi-unit housing.

Approved a Professional Services Agreement with GHD in an amount not-to-exceed $593,454 for the preparation of the final plans and specifications of the diversion sewer pipes to abandon Bristol, Fox Hills, Mesmer, and Overland Sewer Pump Stations.

Adopted a Resolution appointing Transportation Director Art Ida as the City’s Representative Director to the CalTIP Board; and appointing Transit Operations Manager Samantha Blackshire and Senior Management Analyst/Transit Finance Jane Leonard, as the City’s first and second Alternate Directors, respectively.

Approved changes to Culver CityBus Lines One (Elimination of the Pacific Avenue/25th Street and Pacific Avenue/28th Street Bus Stops), Four (Extension of Service from the Westfield Culver City Transit Center to Playa Vista and Lincoln

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