Brown Signs Bill Cracking Down on Illegal Arms

GunsAssemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas today praised Governor Jerry Brown for signing his bill to give city attorneys enforcement tools to crack down on illegal weapons and unlawful gun and ammunition sales by renters in their communities.

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas said, “I applaud Governor Jerry Brown for signing AB 2310 into law to provide city attorneys and landlords with an effective tool to remove dangerous persons who possessing illegal weapons or sell guns and ammunition from the homes or apartments they rent.”

“Assembly Bill 2310 would reinstate the authority and use of partial evictions as a valuable tool to make communities safer. Criminals should not be allowed to paralyze neighborhoods and communities. Without the use of this tool landlords must evict all of the tenants living in a unit, including innocent tenants, because the court has no authority to issue a partial eviction order,” he said

“The effort to rid our neighborhoods of illegal weapons, which often end up being used in crimes that impact community residents, has been particularly successful in Los Angeles due to the diligent neighborhood safety efforts advanced by Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. Illegal weapons and unlawful weapons dealings have no place in our neighborhoods,” Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas added.

AB 2310 allows the city attorneys in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Sacramento to file an action for unlawful detainer against any person who is in possession of unlawful weapons or ammunition on real property or engaged in the sale of weapons or ammunition on real property.

AB 2310 gives the city attorneys this special authority until January 1, 2019. The California Research Bureau is responsible for reporting on the city attorneys’ use of their illegal weapons eviction authority.

The Peace Officers Research Association of California, law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, California Apartment Association, Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara Rental Property Association and the Cities of Sacramento and Oakland supported AB 2310. Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer was the bill’s principal sponsor.

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