Transition to Offer “Laundry to Landscape” Greywater Workshop Sept. 6

water-dripping-into-sink-and-down-plughole-closeupGreywater is a powerful way to address our drought problem. Join Transition Culver City to learn how to set up an easy DIY laundry to landscape system that is effective and legal. Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014  from 1 pm- 4 pm at a Culver City private residence. To rsvp go to [email protected]

Greywater defined as wastewater generated from wash hand basins, showers and baths, which can be recycled on-site for uses such as toilet flushing, and landscape irrigation.  Greywater often includes discharge from laundry, dishwashers and kitchen sinks. It differs from the discharge of toilets which is designated sewage or blackwater to indicate it contains human waste Get a visual at

Learn from an experienced instructor, Art Sy of Skillbuilders Meet Up group

As everyone knows water is the most important resource for every living species on our planet. Instead of dumping your water back to the sewer system and into the ocean, learn how to double the usage of your water and grow your fruit trees and perennials! This also saves you money by reducing your water usage.

The class will cover all the information you need to install a system at your house.

Los Angeles County rules, application, parts, and assembly.

$20 donation for class. You can register and pay in advance here

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