Culver Closet Needs Stockings (and Re-Stocking!)

colored wire coat hangersCulver Closet gave away nearly all of their clothes in the past weeks, and it’s time to stock those resources for children needing clothes for the upcoming school year. There is a great need for clothing for small children (K-3) and as ever, a need for socks and shoes in all sizes.

Culver Closet is a resource for district families in need, and it’s the perfect place to donate your gently used or outgrown clothing. there is also a need for toiletries, underclothing, socks, school supplies and grocery gift cards in any amount.

When you are shopping for your family, or clearing out drawers of underused or outgrown clothes, please think of the people who need help with the basics, and keep your donations local.

To take a tour of the Culver Closet, to promote the Culver Closet at a CCUSD elementary school, to refer a family, to volunteer your time, or for general inquires, please contact Adrienne Madrid, CCHS Career Counselor, at [email protected] or (310) 842-4200, ext. 3313 or contact Marion Serra, CCHS ROP Technician, at [email protected] or (310) 842-4200, ext. 3351.



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