‘Adopt & Shop’ Animal Shelter to Open in May

ss-111019-shelter-pets-reagan-inlay.grid-8x2On May 13th, Los Angeles’ largest nonprofit humane pet adoption and retail center Adopt & Shop (www.AdoptandShop.org) will open in Culver City at the corner of Culver and Sepulveda in Culver Village.

The new location will unite adoptable dogs and cats from local shelters with loving homes. By facilitating more pet adoptions, Adopt & Shop saves the lives of at-risk animals and ultimately reduces euthanasia rates in shelters.

Founded by Michelson Found Animals (www.FoundAnimals.org), the Adopt & Shop difference is it’s a one-stop-shop, all-encompassing store that will provide total support for families and their pets, including guidance during the adoption process, services such as daycare, grooming and dog training classes at “Adopt & Shop Academy.” The store is complete with an array of products to support a happy, healthy pet. Sales are reinvested into charity programs and donated to shelters – fulfilling a cycle of philanthropy through a sustainable business model.

Each dog and cat is ready to be welcomed into a home and has been spayed or neutered, microchipped, and is current on their vaccinations.

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