Ridley-Thomas Offers Applause for AVPA

Sabastian-Ridley-Thomas_t580Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas today commended the students and faculty members of the Culver City High School Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) for their dedication, instruction, skill and execution in the fields of music, theater, visual art, film and dance during the 2013-2014 school year.

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas said, “Art, music, dance and theater performance are essential components in any well-rounded education. We need more centers of artistic learning, expression and mastery for our young people like the Culver City High School Academy of Visual and Performing Arts.”

“Visual and performing arts enable teachers to help our students to explore their potential and inspire an audience through the use of film, spoken word, and theater; and to refine their ability to communicate complex thoughts emotionally through art, dance and music. I salute and commend the faculty, students, parents and sponsors of AVPA for keeping arts education alive and thriving in our Culver City school system,” he said.

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