Metro Sends Money from Expresslane Tolls to Active Transportation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANew Metro funding for active transportation projects within three miles of the I-110 and I-10 corridors is available thanks to higher-than-projected toll revenues from ExpressLanes. ExpressLanes are similar to standard carpool lanes but to travel in them you must have an ExpressLanes transponder in your vehicle. In addition, vehicles with only one occupant (the driver) may use these lanes for a toll price based on specific congestion and peak traffic patterns.
ExpressLanes are designed to alleviate congestion on crowded freeways and to generate revenue for a sustainable countywide transportation system. The Metro Board of Directors recently approved a recommendation that would dedicate 40% of net surplus revenues or about $3 million from the ExpressLanes tolls to active transportation improvement projects. This is a huge step forward for building safe, healthy and affordable connections to transit for the growing number of Southern
Californians who want accessible transportation options beyond driving on congested freeways. Eligible applicants include public agencies that provide transportation facilities or services within Los Angeles County. Interested non-
agency partners can be joint-applicants but must partner with a public agency. Projects will be evaluated based on sustainability, safety, and project/program readiness. Grant funds are required to be spent within 36 months of allocation.

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