Culver City Rent Control – Daytona Opens the Door

What do Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Los Angeles all have that Culver City doesn’t have? Rent control – and in a city that is almost 50% rentals, that is a big political issue. With the recent controversy over rent increases and evictions, Shireen Daytona created the Culver City Rent Control Project.

“I’ve seen firsthand how people’s lives have been torn apart, people who thought they’d live out the rest of their days here only to find out that would not be the case in sixty days time.” says Daytona.

Daytona and her neighbors were facing 45-100% rent increases within 60 days after the building they lived in transferred ownership. With this campaign,  citizens are seeking a percentage cap on the allowable rent increase; no more than one yearly allowable rent increase, an end to no-fault evictions and a provision for tenant relocation fees in certain circumstances, such as redevelopment by the landlord.

This passion, combined with her experience in management, has driven Shireen to compile a strong team of volunteers that are actively involved in grass-roots campaigning, attending City Council meetings and going door-to-door throughout the City.

With Culver City’s 38,000-person population being represented by a 45% renter-demographic, the vulnerable population of renters should have the kind of rights they have in Los Angeles and West Hollywood.

A grant from The Pollination Project made it possible for Culver City Rent Control to set up a website, and offer a place for renters and concerned neighbors to connect on the issue.

With the city council set to discuss the possible need for a review of the existing city charter at the upcoming meeting, rent control activists are set to attend as a group on Monday Jan. 27.

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