Dear Editor – Clarke Weighs in

I urge you to join me in voting for the following three candidates on Tuesday, November 5th for the Culver City Unified School District Board of Education:

Kathy Paspalis
Karlo Silbiger
Steve Levin

I place a lot of emphasis on experience. There is a steep learning curve going into any new position, especially an elected board. I can say this from personal experience.

Kathy and Karlo are both incumbents seeking re-election. While they bring different qualities to the board, they are both dedicated individuals who take their responsibilities seriously as elected officials to oversee our schools and our kids’ education. They do their homework, understand the issues and ask thoughtful and probing questions of staff and their colleagues.

Karlo is a product of Culver City schools and our language immersion program. He holds degrees in education and is the only current K-12 teacher serving on the board. Kathy is the parent of two kids in our Culver City schools and adds a parent’s perspective to the board. She is a practicing attorney and brings her critical analysis skills to bear in reviewing contracts.

While they disagreed over going forward on the school bond issue (I would have preferred to see it on the ballot tomorrow but I also understand there were some unresolved questions) all the candidates agree for the need to have a bond measure and hopefully we will see it in June.

The third position is an open position with the retirement of Patricia Siever. (Thank you for your service Pat.) While there are several qualified candidates to choose from, my choice is Steve Levin. Steve is the parent of three kids in the Culver City schools. He is the president of the Farragut Elementary School Booster Club and was Farragut’s Parent Volunteer of the Year for 2013. So he has been intimately involved in our education programs and curriculum. His day job is as an astrophysicist which is a fancy way of saying he is a rocket scientist and a really smart guy. His theme of “Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist.” is a reflection of the skills set that will make Steve a welcome addition to the school board.

So I hope you will join me in voting for Kathy, Karlo and Steve. But regardless of your choices, it is important that you do vote and make your voice heard.

Best wishes

Jim Clarke

The Actors' Gang

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