Dear Editor – Chabola for Kathy

As a former teacher in the CCUSD it gives me great pride to endorse Kathy Paspalis for school board. I have had the opportunity to work with many quality people in this city whose primary interest was to make a difference in our children’s lives. Kathy is one of those special people.

For years the overused mantra has been “for the kids”. This has had a hollow ring, and has NOT been for the kids, but for others’ self importance and ambitions. As a 31 year resident of Culver City, I worked tirelessly to align myself in activities, sports, education, mentoring and other activities that were genuinely “for the kids”.

I know and trust that Kathy Paspalis as a School Board member has made decisions over the last four years that were truly and primarily “for the kids”. This phrase does not have a hollow ring to it when Kathy is concerned, it is a truism.

I am supporting Kathy because of her track record, her willingness to step up and make a difference and her ability to be inclusive of those who are truly “for the kids”

Vote Kathy Paspalis for School Board

Jerry Chabola

The Actors' Gang

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