Dear Editor – Robins Inspires Voters

Dear Editor

I want to urge everyone to vote for Sue Robins for the Culver City School Board for two reasons:

1. I met Sue when she was my daughter’s 8th grade science teacher. My daughter has behavioral and emotional problems due to her abusive background before we became her fost-adopt parents. Although several of the middle school teachers were sympathetic and helpful, none were as involved and involved us as Sue. She understood our daughter’s special problems and went out of her way to try and help her. This tells me that she is very much about the students and their welfare.

2. I am a corporate trainer with expertise in leadership development and emotional intelligence. Sue also teaches these subjects and not only understands them, but applies them in her personal life. I think she would be an excellent “servant-leader”, understanding that being on the school board is not about her ego but about the chance to help kids.
This is the first time in my life (as a 58-year-old woman) that I have been passionate enough about someone’s candidacy to write a letter. Recent government events have made me rethink my somewhat apathetic position and I hope what I’ve written will help you see that voting for Sue is voting for someone who cares. Thank you!

Andrea Ridgely

The Actors' Gang

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