Dear Editor – All Three Votes

I have three votes in the upcoming Board of Education election, and I plan on using all three. With one, I’m voting for Sue Robins.

Sue has ALL the qualities that are needed for an effective member of a board of education. She has first hand experience of being a teacher in the Culver City Unified School District. Culver City is far different from other districts and charter schools. Indeed, CCUSD is one of the reasons many of us (including my parents, and later I) chose to purchase a home in Culver City.

Sue has a business background, beginning her own start up business in Culver City.

Sue has a parent’s eye toward education, raising her two children, volunteering in the schools, and serving as the Co-President of the Farragut Elementary School PTA.

From my own dealings as a member of the Culver City Board of Education, I had the occasion to work with, and to observe, Sue in the classroom and with the kids. I left more impressed each and every time I met with Sue.

Sue is just about everything anyone could hope for in a candidate for the Board of Education. She has a teacher’s perspective, a business owner’s perspective, a parent’s perspective and a volunteer’s perspective. You can’t ask for anything else. That is why I enthusiastically support Sue, and will be casting my vote for her on Election Day.

Scott Zeidman

The Actors' Gang

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