Help Steve Levin Reach for the Stars – Oct. 26

Running for office can get very expensive, and while the campaign continues, the call is out for a few final fundraisers to help with the bottom line. Steve Levin’s  “Reach for the Stars!” opens the doors for old and new friends to come together for fun and financial support. Join Steve, Lisa and his supporters for an evening of entertainment, great food and beverages.

There will be an auction, live music, buffet, raffle, wine and beverage bar, plus stargazing ! Adults only, please. For info on discounted JAG Gym Saturday Camp for children, please contact Christine Johnson at [email protected].
Saturday Evening, October 26
6-9:00 PM
10609 Flaxton Ave
Culver City, CA
$30 per person
$50 per couple
Make your reservations at


The Actors' Gang

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