Dear Editor – Using All the Votes

Dear Editor,

As we move into the last month of the School Board campaign, we as parents and citizens of Culver City need to do our research and elect the best possible candidates for our children and the city. What Board composition would best represent us as a community? I am interested in electing parents that have been successful leaders in their careers and involved volunteers in the schools for years rather than those that have had other priorities. I am not interested in electing those who are interested in using the school board as a stepping stone to the next political office or are forwarding unions’ agendas ahead of the needs of our children. I am not interested in candidates wanting to bring LAUSD policies to Culver City nor candidates who are against parent supported adjuncts in our schools. I am leery of candidates whose mailers are paid for by money sources from outside of Culver City.

Based on that criteria, there are three great candidates: Sue Robins, Kathy Paspalis and Steve Levin. All three are intelligent and successful in their different careers in the private sector. They are involved, volunteering parents with a track record of having our children’s best interests at heart and have demonstrated leadership in our children’s education. On November 5th they get my vote.

This election is important. Parents need to take control of the School Board. If we do not take control with our votes (all THREE of them), then we will get what we deserve. Don’t let anyone tell you that a single vote is the right thing—you are forfeiting two of your votes.

Kids, Parents, Community and Education, not Politics. Sincerely,

Michael Hamill
13 year resident of Culver City
Father of three in our schools (CCHS, CCMS and El Marino)

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to cast all votes. I know that last election some were urging people to not use all of their votes and we lost an excellent school board member as a result.

    Just curious, what is your source for how mailers are funded? The ones I am looking at right now on my dining room table don’t seem to list any funding sources. Thanks for the information.

  2. Not one candidate is against parent supported adjuncts, not one. Hopefully after this election the vitriole will end, but I guess that’s like asking for odorless manure. I can take that smell over the negative views expressed in the letter any day, manure is necessary for much of what we hold dear to those of us with any country in us. It is parents like the letter writer, I suspect, who would ask a farm to relocate because they were just trying to “live next door for 13 years” and raise their 3 kids.

  3. Chris: campaign mail should and usually does have a “paid for by” on it somewhere, and it’s usually located by the address box.

  4. Thanks Kathy. I just tossed the last couple that I received. I assume that they said they were paid for by the “Campaign to elect so and so.” That’s different from mailers paid for by sources from outside of CC. I assume that somewhere the candidates have to file the sources of their campaign funding, but it doesn’t seem to be with the County Clerk’s office, so I was wondering where Mr. Hamill was getting his information from.

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