Make Art! Make Peace! Peace Project Calls for Submissions

The Peace Project & announce the world’s largest collaborative art project with 2013’s theme of Peace, Love & Understanding. Since The Peace Project’s inception in 2010:

2,000 artists from over 50 countries worldwide have participated in this Call for Artists and joined hands to do their art for peace. Over 25,000 people worldwide have donated time, money, art and services. Three traveling art exhibits have been created and three books published that feature over 1,500 visions of peace from artists worldwide.
Dozens of children in Sierra Leone are receiving an education through The Peace Project.
On World Peace Day, 2011, The Peace Project led one of the most unique collaborations ever, Operation Rise, and distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches across Sierra Leone, changing the lives of thousands of people instantly.

Putting a creative spin on another serious problem, The Peace Project has just announced its Peace Tips initiative, which aspires to deliver crutch tips to 1 million disabled people in post-conflict countries and help them lead more productive lives with less pain. Plus, these crutch tips leave a peace sign imprint transforming war victims into powerful messengers of peace! Proceeds from the art contest will fund this initiative.

A traveling exhibit and commemorative book will again be created from this year’s submissions.For more info go to –

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