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Thursday June 20th at 10:04pm was the Summer Solstice – the time when the sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. We are now in the time with the most hours of sunlight during the whole year. Can’t you just feel it? Life is at its best!

If you want to keep it this way, or if you need to change it so it is at its best, please join me in two very exciting infusion days.

June 27 2:00 in the afternoon Golden Cicada If you enjoyed it for the New Year, then its time to do it for the Summer.

July 20 8:30am Qi Infusion If you need an infusion of luck, vision, or energy, join me in this special class. Limited space.

For information about any of the infusions, please go to

I have redesigned my website, and it is full of feng shui FUN information to help you as you balance your life and strive to improve your health, wealth, or romance. Please take a look, and enjoy the summer.

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