No Fireworks on the Fourth of July : (

The City of Culver City and the Culver City Exchange Club have been co-sponsors of the Annual Fourth of July Fireworks Display for over 40 years. Historically, the Culver City High School football field has been the location for the fireworks show. Due to significant renovations to the high school’s football field (which were scheduled outside of the standard school year to allow renovations to proceed with the least disruption to students), the fireworks show will not be held this year. The public will be notified of any announcements for future fireworks shows.

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  1. I think West L.A. College should be approached to see if they’d be willing to host the fire works show this year. It would be a good opportunity for bridge-building between the College and the City; and get local residents onto the campus to see all the improvements. They’re beautiful.

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