Feng Shui Reflections on the Season – Janet Mitsui Brown

We’ve passed through the December 21 winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, & the end of the Long Count Mayan calendar. I am happy to celebrate the day after Christmas – there is a full moon tonight and the days will at last be longer again – and our household holiday has been joyful.

But, it’s been a sobering December…looking back to Hurricane Sandy, the tragedy in Connecticut, and other transitions, it has been mindful.

An acquaintance of mine went through a transition with much courage the past week. She was told she was dying from complications of ovarian cancer – and was told she only had a few days to live. She was on pain medication, but the decision was made to remove her life support tubes, and then she chose to see relatives and friends in her last days — so subsequently there were lines of people who waited to see her. People generously brought food for relatives who camped out at the hospital, and then each morning she carefully put on make-up to be presentable. Although she was in a weakened condition she managed to whisper thank-you to each person who visited her. She died peacefully this morning – but what courage this lady had. Although the transition is very yin, her yang attitude made it a special moment for herself and for her friends & relatives.

We saw Les Miserables last night (an amazing film), and so, to Valerie:

“Drink with me To days Gone by To the life That used To be Let the wine of friendship Never run dry…”

This day, this evening of the full moon, I am surrounded by crystals and family, I feel meditative, and I continue to practice tai chi gong and feng shui daily – this all helps me when I hear of life’s continuing transitions. Remember the small white circle in the dark section of the t’ai chi circle signifies hope…that it will get warmer, brighter, more joyful once again soon.

In gratitude, in celebration of the new year 2013, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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