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It’s October and autumn seems to have finally settled in Southern California. Although I see sandals at Starbucks in the morning, I’m back to regular pumps, long sleeve shirts, and even a light sweater! Summer is finally over and a slight chill is in the air. Today was beautiful in Southern California, mostly grey and overcast, a little misty (we call this rain here). It feels good.

Lately I’ve been getting many inquiries about wealth issues. Things have been financially challenging for many people, and so I’ve been asked if there is a feng shui solution. I smile when I think of an occurrence a few days ago.

My husband is building a green house in our wealth corner – the wealth corner of the black hat sect tantric school bagua. He decided to build a green house because green is the color of wood, and green/purple are the colors of wealth.

But then he got preoccupied with other things, so he stopped working on this project. I noticed the neglect — I saw accumulated leaves, and wood debris left random, so one afternoon I swept the fragments up. It took me awhile, but as I completed it, I felt good – I felt I was working on clearing the dead wood from our wealth area.

And lo and behold, that afternoon, we received an unexpected check in the mail.

I told my husband about my clearing and the surprise check, and the next day he began work in earnest again on the green house, continuing to clear vigorously, for several days…and then, lo and behold, he got a call from his agent, and got word that he was getting a nice bonus for a job he’s working on.

Another feng shui true story.

But keep in mind, wealth is defined in many ways, and we all need to be conscious of minding our budget these days. Feng Shui includes hard work, good karma, and being environmentally balanced. So keep this all in mind as you search for the right cure to improve your wealth.

Very soon I will have healing bags to empower you. These joy of feng shui cures, in a specially packaged holder, are carefully selected to enhance change in your wealth, health, romance, and any transition you may be experiencing — plus I am adding a secret red envelope to enable you. I hope to have these gems online by early November. And you must try them, for they will give you the serendipity edge you deserve.

On this wonderful fall day, in gratitude,

Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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