Dear Editor – CCEF Clocks a Month on “All for 1”

The Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) All For 1 campaign has been running full force for over a month. All for 1 is designed to bring in funds at the beginning of the school year so that the Foundation can be ready to donate to the programs our schools need most, when they need it most. When directing AFO donations, CCEF wants to be responsive to community concerns. The survey we conducted last June was a part of that process. On the basis of that input, All For 1 funding this year will be targeted at math, science, technology and the arts.

Although CCEF’s All For 1 campaign is most visible at the beginning of the school year, contributions are appreciated all year long. We strive for 100% community participation because when we all join together, our contributions large and small become a vital force in support of our Culver City students. You can make a one-time donation or spread your payments over a ten-month period, and all donations are tax deductible. You can even get a lawn sign for a gift totaling $100 or more. So, please, visit and be as generous as you can within your family’s means.

For over 30 years CCEF has been raising the additional funds needed to transform and enrich the education of every child in our Culver City schools. My own children are recent graduates from Culver High, but as a Culver City resident, I know how much our family still benefits from keeping our schools strong. It isn’t just the strong property values that come from maintaining our schools’ excellence; a robust school system produces good citizens for our community as well. Most of all, I take joy in the accomplishments of our Culver City kids— their success made possible through our support of CCEF and All for 1. Everyone benefits when our Culver City schools thrive and our students achieve.

Susannah Baxendale
All For 1, Co-Chair

The Actors' Gang

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