Dear Editor – CCEF Benefits CCMS

Dear Editor,

I am writing to support the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) and bring awareness to how valuable their “All For 1” campaign has been to Culver City Schools and teachers. I am a computer teacher at Culver City Middle School and have benefitted greatly from CCEF’s generous help. Last year they contributed money toward my brand new computer lab. CCEF consistently helps the CCMS tech team in purchasing much needed supplies for the school. Last year many of our projectors were burning out due to old age. CCEF saved the day and bought five new projectors that were desperately needed by teachers. Some of the “All For 1” funds they raised last year are helping us upgrade our technology even more. CCEF even helps teachers with professional development. I was fortunate to get funding through them that enabled me to go to an educational technology conference where I learned valuable skills to better help my students and staff.

CCEF is generous foundation that consistently helps teachers and schools. Especially now when our state and country face budget cuts and financial challenges, we need CCEF to help fill in all the gaps— supporting teachers so that we can do more for our students. Without the support from CCEF and its “All For One” campaign, Culver City Schools wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s important to recognize all the effort CCEF has put in to helping better the educational setting for students in Culver City.

Todd Teetzel

Computer Teacher
Culver City Middle School

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