La Playa Preschool Sweeps The Sand

The families and directors of La Playa Cooperative Nursery School showed up to celebrate the earth by participating in Heal the Bay’s Nothin’ But Sand Beach Cleanup. A number of families from the school joined together to pick up trash on one of our local beaches. It was a great way to give back to the community. Co-Director Teri Avila said, “Participating in the beach cleanup is one way we show the children how important it is to take care of the earth.” Aine (a 4 year old) says it’s important to clean the beach because “if the trash gets in the ocean the fish will die”. Children learn from those around them. When their parents and teachers are working together children get the message that what they are doing is significant. 

Maggie (a parent) says “one of the best things about La Playa is how the parents and kids get to know each other so well and form such a caring community. We invest ourselves in each other and want to see the best for all our kids, not just our own. We show that primarily by going on to be active in our kids’ elementary and secondary schools but also by becoming active community members. I think it sets a great example for our children.” Another parent, Maura, said, “My son and daughter really enjoyed getting together with the other families outside of school.  They had a blast looking for trash.  For them it was a game which is in the spirit of the play based preschool they attend.”
A good time was had by all. “Keeping our world clean, having a good time with friends and learning important life lessons: that makes for a good Saturday morning. I look forward to more opportunities for our preschool to get involved,” said Ruth Hollensteiner, the school’s co-director.

La Playa Cooperative Nursery School is a parent run cooperative preschool. Parents volunteer in the classroom while their child is attending school. The play-based curriculum is rich with art, music, science and physical movement. More information about them can be found at

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