Dear Editor – Wyant Family Votes for Andy

Dear Editor:

Why Molly, Leslie and Scott Wyant are supporting Andy Weissman for the City Council.

Experience. He’s been a positive force in the community for decades. We’ve lived here for more than 20 years, and it seems like every time we turned around, Andy was making a difference. Working to help kids go to camp as the chairman for the Culver-Palms Family YMCA, protecting our community from over development as a Planning Commissioner, attracting and retaining businesses in our community as president of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, writing the City Charter, the re-birth of downtown, that firm hand and even keel during the current budget crisis — his stamp is everywhere.

His ability to build consensus and cooperation among competing interests. Other candidates may be able to organize and mobilize people who already agree with each other — Andy has proven his ability to find an effective and common ground when compromise seems unreachable. He has pushed for stronger ethics rules, brought a new sense of civility to the Council meetings and fought to protect the high level of city services we have all come to expect. At the same time, he fought for protections from oil drillers and didn’t allow PXP to push the city around. He took the bold step towards the reduction of retiree medical benefits for City Council members, even though that meant slashing his own benefits. He listens to everyone, but he’s beholden only to the people of Culver City.

His long service to the city has also meant that he’s worked closely with state and local government and business officials, and those contacts will be invaluable as the city moves through its current difficult times.

He’s been a local businessman for more than 30 years, and he knows the local business community — their strengths, their problems, the ways they’ve helped make Culver City what it is today.

Simply put, Andy Weissman is the best choice for Culver City. We will be voting for Andy on April 10, and we encourage every Culver City resident to join us in re-electing a Councilman with vision, integrity and experience.


Molly Wyant

Leslie Spanier-Wyant

Scott Wyant

The Actors' Gang

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