Dear Editor – Walking with Meghan

Letter to the Editor –

Meghan Sahli-Wells is the candidate of choice for me – what you see is what you get! No hidden agendas, just down to earth common sense that puts the resident first. How often is this the case?
As someone who has walked the precincts with Meghan, I saw first hand how she
interacts with residents – always asking what their concerns are, answering their questions
intelligently, and leaving them with a gut feeling that someone is actually listening to
Meghan stands firm. No wavering on issues of: environment, city services, fiscal
responsibility, healthy transportation, strong schools, and smart development. I want to
live in the Culver City that Meghan Sahli-Wells is working non-stop to achieve.
See you at the polls on April 10th!

Doris Levy

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Another Levy weighs in:
    I, too, have walked with Meghan and have had the same, wonderful experience.

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