Dear Editor- Despite Differences, Supporting Scott

I strongly support Scott Malsin’s bid for Culver City’s City Council.

I have known Scott for over 5 years. He always makes himself available for discussions and listens closely to all viewpoints. Time and again I have seen him incorporate those
views when crafting win-win solutions to Culver City’s challenges. Scott is a creative problem solver, carefully vetting ideas and doing plenty of research prior to making a final decision. He is a well-rounded individual, engaged with the City on many levels.

I have enjoyed working with the other City Council members who are running for re-
election, too. While I haven’t always agreed with how they voted, I’ve made a point of
looking at their overall records. Deciding that you will only support someone who votes
your way 100% of the time is not a viable way forward. Working through differing views
and approaches gives us better solutions and ultimately a stronger city.

I did not agree with Mr. Malsin when he stepped down in December. We had several
candid discussions before I decided to publically endorse him. I took time to look at the
whole individual, what he did on the Council, and before that on the Planning
Commission and in the Clubs and Associations he has participated in during the last 20
years. I have seen his hard work, concern and commitment. It is a candidate’s
cumulative work and real accomplishments that matter to me.

I know Scott will work tirelessly with the citizens of Culver City alongside City staff to find
solutions to the challenges ahead. He will ask the tough questions and not shy away from
making hard decisions. Another supporter recently wrote, “Scott is able to see the shades
of grey that reflect reality and not ideology”. A rare trait indeed.

I have heard a few folks talk about voting for one candidate, although there are 4
vacant seats. The ‘strategy’ ensuring that their candidate would win. It’s a dangerous
rationale, because every one of the open Council seats is very important. Culver City
deserves to vote for the 4 best-qualified individuals for City Council. That is why I will be
voting for Scott Malsin plus 3 additional candidates that I believe best suited for the job.

Marla Koosed

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Hmmm. I have been wrangling with who to vote for this. This is a very well thought-out argument for voting for Scott. Thank you for this posting.

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