Dear Editor – Meghan Gets the Encore

Dear Editor:

I voted for Meghan Sahli-Wells in 2010 because of her amazing commitment to the environment. When she lost by just 32 votes, I realized that my one little vote could really make a difference! I decided if she ever ran again, I’d support her campaign.

Since then, I’ve seen how strongly Meghan is woven into the fabric of Culver City. Whether she’s leading gardening workshops, advocating for healthy lunches in the schools, speaking at City Council, organizing community bike rides, parent volunteering at Linwood Howe, I’m impressed by her vision, creative leadership and commitment to bettering the community.

So when I heard she was running for City Council again, I was thrilled and began volunteering with Meghan’s campaign. This weekend, I joined Meghan walking door-to-door as she asked people about their concerns. We talked with one woman worried about traffic and parking on her street when Tilden Terrace is built. Meghan candidly shared her experiences with redevelopment in her own neighborhood, and how she pushed the City to adopt new guidelines to implement early neighborhood input for all development as a member of the Advisory Committee on Redevelopment.

Meghan is the only candidate who is endorsed by all five Culver City School Board members. As an El Marino parent who wholeheartedly supports the adjunct teaching assistants, that’s important to me.

For these reasons, I’ll be voting for Meghan Sahli-Wells for Culver City Council on April 10th. I know she’ll address community concerns, listen to our needs, and act from her head and heart. I hope you’ll vote for Meghan too, because every vote counts!

Jenni “Emiko” Kuida

The Actors' Gang

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