Dear Editor- Malsin Working With Experience

Dear Editor,

In this era of polarization rather than collaboration, we need City Council representatives that are accessible, responsive and reasonable team players. We need Council members who are willing to make the tough decisions that will preserve our quality of life in Culver City. Scott Malsin has consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more. In his long-term commitment to Culver City as an involved private citizen, Planning Commissioner and City Council person, Scott has always been glad to graciously engage with and learn from people that disagree with him so that he could discover the common ground necessary to work together to find practical solutions to our city’s problems.

Scott Malsin has the long-term experience needed for a thorough analysis of the City’s options as it faces the loss of redevelopment funds and other serious fiscal challenges. We have been fortunate to have Scott Malsin working for our city, willing to step up and make those tough decisions. We should return him to the City Council. Join us in voting for Scott Malsin.

Sally Jue & Vin D’Onofrio

The Actors' Gang

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