Dear Editor- One More Reason

Dear Editor,

As a former Civil Service Commissioner, I never thought of the income or benefits that came with it. I just wanted to do my duty to my City.
So, I’m pleased that Andy Weissman led the effort to reduce the benefits our City Councilmembers receive for their service to the City. When we volunteer our services to our City, financial gain should not be a part of the equation. I know that there are many expenses that Councilmembers have, so I think there should be a stipend to cover those expenses.
But at a time when our City is struggling to find every available dollar, providing lifetime health benefits to our elected
concilmembers is ridiculous.
I commend Councilman Weissman for bringing up this issue, especially when he’s in the position of cutting his own benefits. I have known Andy for many years, and have always known him as a leader with integrity and vision for the future of our City. He will certainly get my vote on April `10!
I am also pleased that his fellow Councilmembers recognized this important issue and voted unanimously to send a strong message that they are looking out for the best interest of our community.
Just one more reason I love living in Culver City!

Cathy Zermeno

The Actors' Gang

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