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Ten thousand blessings for 2012, the year of the Water Dragon.

The holiday season is long for our family. We begin with Thanksgiving, a time so special for us I wrote a children’s book about it. Then Christmas arrives, and our daughter comes home for a lengthy visit (soo wonderful), and of course we celebrate the holidays Christmas Eve and Christmas. The Japanese New Year we call Oshogatsu arrives on January 1, just seven days later. On that day the tradition is to prepare special foods to be eaten on New Years Day for good luck and prosperity.

The New Year rolls in January with the Chinese New Year – the lunar New Year date varies from year to year – but this year was celebrated on January 23rd. The lunar Chinese New Year is known as the spring festival, marking the end of the winter season. Centuries old, it is traditional to clean the house of ill fortune and to eat certain foods (again!) for good luck. In feng shui, the black hat sect school feng shui practitioners customarily mark this date with special cures to highlight the New Year. I did a special cure ritual three times this year, and I’m now anticipating the New Year with grace and excitement.

The solar new year, traditionally February 4th or 5th every year is the date used in Chinese astrology four pillars – Chinese fortune telling and compass school feng shui.

On the New Year there are significant energy shifts based on mathematical formulas – movements of the moon & sun. These numbers are calculated through principle prescriptions centuries old – directing positive and negative directions requiring cures annually.

When you combine knowledge – dimensions of time & space (compass school) and secrets of Taoist feng shui (black sect tantric Buddhist school) – very powerful mental techniques, you have the ability to improve your presence in the environment and ride the gentle flow of life with a full and prosperous heart.

I hope you are all prepared for the new year in your own special way – it will make a difference!

In gratitude,

Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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