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Dear Editor,

I love living in Culver City. Today while Madeline Erhlich and I were handing out flyers for Laura Chardiet at Farragut I bumped into several parent volunteers I had the pleasure of working with over the years. Lisa Levin was all dressed in red pulling her red wagon and little red gifts ready to give to the students who won the “red ribbon week” poster contest. They had a record number of entries this year. I had just talked with her husband Steve Levin, who said he and Lisa had seen Laura at the candidate’s forum a couple of weeks ago, and they both think she’ll do a great job on the school board.  He asked for a lawn sign.
While we were chatting, Madeline and Peggy Kharraz were telling me they met at El Marino Park 34 years ago when their daughters were babies. Their daughters went through Elementary, Middle and High School together. Madeline is a now a grandmother. They said I should check out the Yoga class at the senior center as it’s only $5 a class and the teacher is great. I had no idea that I can now qualify for membership at the senior center, or that I really want to admit that I can qualify for membership at the senior center, but the idea of a Yoga class with a great teacher on Tuesday afternoons might actually fit the bill.
On Monday this week I attended the parent forum on the Robert Frost Capital Improvements, attended by  all the best known hard working volunteers in Culver City schools. From Patti Jaffe’s invitation they filled the room with questions, suggestions and energy. It was great to see so many assembled in support of and concern for Robert Frost improvements and a superintendent who facilitated the process of community input with the promise to have more.
Tonight I received a “message from our principal” that goes to all families at the high school from our new principal, Dylan Farris. He spent about 5 minutes outlining what costumes the kids can and can’t wear (revealing clothing and masks) and can’t bring (pretend weapons) on Monday for Halloween. Then, he gave the media lab mention at the end which is the project that has been consuming my time over the last several weeks. Per Dylan’s vision and that of the teachers in ROP and AVPA we are embarking on trying to raise $50,000 this year to install a state of the art “media lab” so the kids can take classes in sound engineering, graphics design, film editing just like the folks down the street at Sony.
Ya know….life is good in Culver City. It’s really a great place to live and raise our kids. We have a very involved community. Remember to vote on November 8th for the school board election! Did you know very few parents actually vote? The average age of voters is 51. So, it’s important to make the extra effort to get to the polls. If you don’t know your polling place, go to 

Bonnie Wacker
[email protected]

Editor’s Note – There’s also a great yoga class on Tuesday afternoon at the Culver- Palms YMCA   8 )

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