Dear Editor – Careful Consideration

Dear Editor,

Scott Zeidman and Laura Chardiet are the two candidates I actively endorse. Having had the opportunity to speak with Scott, Laura and Nancy I believe the best choice for our district in this election are Scott and Laura.

Others have written about Scott’s achievements during his first term, but key among them from my perspective, he has fulfilled just about every campaign promise he made when first he ran. Scott has been visible, accessible, responsive to all, perhaps more so than any other board member in the last decade. He has summoned enough collaboration among other board members to stop the “rubber stamp” of district presented options and direct the district towards specific results. The turning of the titanic has not been an easy feat and much remains to be done. Scott has also learned and demonstrated NOT making hasty decisions and has saved layoff notices that proved unnecessary by refusing district lead recommendations and waiting until better information was available. For these and already stated reasons I believe Scott deserves another term to continue turning the titanic and aiding our students in the course.

Laura comes to the campaign with broader and deeper skill sets than any candidate in recent memory including Scott! As a school board member, one is more engaged in running the ship rather than running the engine room. The learning curve has proved daunting for many. I have observed very hard working and smart individuals join the board and still take over a year to grasp the functions and develop the knowledge base to address the wide assortment of issues and still have difficulty addressing the ever shrinking budget. Laura comes from the teachers shoes, she has walked as an administrator, she manages a $15 million dollar government grant…likely to be the size of our district budget eventually if the State keeps it’s course…And as a parent she has driven the PTA at the grade level and district level as well as having sat on the former Community Budget Advisory Committee. Laura is head and shoulders better qualified for the position than the next best candidate and deserves the opportunity to serve on our School Board.

I urge you to vote as will I, for Scott Zeidman and Laura Chardiet for School Board.

Alan Elmont

The Actors' Gang

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