Dear Editor- Scott Has Done a Lot

Dear Editor,
I am writing to urge readers to re-elect Scott Zeidman to the CCUSD school board. When I first met him, he was, like me, just another parent frustrated with the reactive nature of our school board. Well, four years ago, Scott decided to take matters into his own hands and ran for office. We are all so lucky that he did.
Scott knows how important it is to keep the community informed of the issues facing our district, and he doesn’t just sit back and react to things as they happen. For example, knowing our district faced severe budget cuts from the state, he formed the Committee for Measure EE to raise more than $6 million for our schools. He got materials printed, volunteers organized, and signs distributed. He was out there pounding the pavement with all the other volunteers, going door to door to convince voters that this was crucial for our schools.
In addition, Scott saw the need for and helped implement caps on enrollment at the high school and middle school, which will ease overcrowding, keep better control of our budget, and keep us from being at the mercy of out-of-district permits which can be revoked by their home districts at any time. These are just two of the important issues Scott has worked on; for more, see
Scott tirelessly gives of his time, energy, and passion in order to do what is best for our schools. He is intelligent, practical, articulate, and knows how to work with others and get things done. He doesn’t waste time on his own ego—he is there for one reason only, and that is to make CCUSD schools the best schools they can be, for his kids and yours. Please join me on November 8 with your vote for Scott Zeidman—a vote for a sane, transparent, and proactive school board.
Emily Glick

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