Dear Editor – Laura Has Fans

Dear Editor,

I met Laura Chardiet six years ago at a La Ballona Elementary School PTA meeting. It was at my first PTA meeting ever. Laura was vice president, and her energetic force called for others to want to follow her. The next school year she became president of the unit, and she was a fantastic leader. She was so proud of our school, students, teachers, and district. She kept our group organized and on point, sharing great ideas and actively listening to others. Her ability to connect with people is just outstanding. She brings so much to the table including intelligence, work ethic, humility, integrity, charisma and persuasion.
Laura Chardiet has a great passion for children and their education. When we attended a PTA sponsored trip to Sacramento Laura became known as the “Feisty Red-Head” because she stood up, unafraid to speak out for our children and what she believed is best for THEM. PTA’s motto is Every Child, One Voice and Laura’s is the voice that strongly stands!
As Laura went on to become Culver City Council PTA President, she continued to organize activities ranging from campus clean-ups to rallying for Measure EE. She has exemplified what a true leader is and shown how dedicated she is to serving our community. Laura Chardiet is a difference maker, and she has my support 100%! I hope she will have yours, too.


Jennifer Brink

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Oh please, we are already swamped with school-board election signs and materials, and the race has been in the local papers since July, for goodness’ sake! I hope my favorite CC online site is not going to get flooded with this form of no-cost campaigning–please no “Nancy, Robert, Scott Z. Has Fans” postings! I think all of local publications, print and online, do a great job of covering the election without every other CC voter sharing their candidate choices in our news venues. If we want to know about our neighbor’s votes, can’t we ask them?

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