Goldberg Announces Endorsements

Nancy Goldberg, candidate for a seat on the Culver City School Board, is proud to announce recent endorsements from several community organizations. Goldie, as her Culver High students called her, states, “I am very humbled by the endorsements I have received so far in my bid for election to the School Board. The Culver City Teachers Association and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party have both given their support to my campaign. In addition, I am the only candidate endorsed by the Culver City Democratic Club and the Association of Classified Employees-Culver City. In a field of five candidates for two seats, I think that is extraordinary and I am grateful for their enthusiastic endorsement.”

Nancy continued, “On another issue, in a recent article I am quoted as saying I was a founding member of the Culver City Education Foundation. In reality, I became a member of the Foundation at the time it was founded in 1981. At that time I was a classroom teacher at Culver High School, and realized the importance of the Foundation after seeing the impact of Proposition 13 on programs in our schools. My commitment has always been to education and I will continue that commitment by serving on the Board of Education.”

For more information or to contact the campaign call Sandy at 310-838-1130, or email [email protected]. ID#1340461.

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