Chardiet Scrutinizes Adult Literacy Program

Adult Literacy brings federal funds to Adult School

Board of Education candidate Laura Chardiet recently examined the annual results, known as outcomes data, for the CCUSD Adult School’s adult literacy program. This program teaches adults to read English and earn a high school diploma or its equivalent. The program is funded under a Workforce Investment Act Grant (WIA)— the same type of grant Chardiet manages for LAUSD.

The Culver City Unified School District has a WIA grant worth $205,000, but the funds paid to grant recipients are dependent on student outcomes— the more successful students are, the more money schools earn. The program has specifically defined payment points, such as a student showing incremental improvement on a standardized test or passing the GED (the high school equivalency test). Schools earn grant money by showing student achievement in the defined areas.

Knowing that the end of year data needed to be submitted by August 15,  Chardiet contacted Superintendent Patti Jaffe and then Adult School Principal Kevin Kronfeld, asking to look over student test results to see whether there might be a way to put her expertise with the WIA program to work for CCUSD.

With their approval, Chardiet examined the data with members of the CCUSD Adult School staff, showing them how to close some data loop holes to minimize payment point exceptions, which would cause the school to earn less than it would otherwise be eligible to receive. The results were significant. “She was very helpful,” Principal Kronfeld says. “She found ways to help us earn about $9,000 in additional payments.”

This was not the first time Chardiet has lent her expertise to CCUSD’s Adult School. Chardiet had worked with former Adult School Principal Vic Gallardo about five years ago. At that time Chardiet, who co-wrote the curriculum for LAUSD’s WIA Adult Literacy Program, saw to it that the CCUSD Adult School teachers had access to supplemental materials that would help their students succeed.

In both of these instances, Laura Chardiet volunteered her expertise to the adult school, just as she has enthusiastically volunteered her creativity and collaborative style to so many PTA projects and activities in our district over the years. It didn’t start with her candidacy for the school board. It started with her passion for our students, our schools and our community.

Laura Chardiet will be holding a Fundraiser at Joxer Daly’s (11168 Washington Blvd) on Saturday, August 20th from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. The cost is $25. There will be live music, drinks, dessert, and lots of fun. All are welcome.

Free babysitting for children age 3 and up will be available at another location from 7:00-9:00 with advanced request. Contact Heather Moses at [email protected] for additional childcare information.

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