Toys “R” Us Still Short on Promise – We’re Pushing a Petition

Home-made activism is powerful stuff, and if you are a member of, you know how effective it can be. The current campaign is holding the huge toy seller, Toys “R” Us to it’s promise to reduce the use of toxic toys. Get the story here  and sign the petition online, and persuade another corporation that Moms Rule!

In 2008 Toys “R” Us publicly promised (even issuing a news release) to reduce the use of toxic toys. Three years later, that promise still hasn’t been kept.

So next week, (Jan. 24 ) we’re giving Toys “R” Us the push they need to keep their resolution this year by giving them a giant “Happy New Year– Keep your Resolution!” card and a petition signed by thousands of people across this country. We can have an even bigger impact with even more signers. To do that, we need your help.

What’s the lowdown on this petition?

When it comes to toys, Toys “R” Us is a big player. In 2009, approximately 70% of households with kids under 12 shopped at Toys “R” Us stores, and 84% of first time mothers shopped at Babies “R” Us stores.

In 2008, Toys “R” Us, did something great for kids: They publicly promised to take toxic chemicals like PVC out of their toys. It seemed like Toys “R” Us had finally figured out what parents and scientists already knew: PVC and related chemicals–which have been linked to rising chronic diseases in children including asthma, learning disabilities, obesity and cancer have no place in children’s toys.

Yet two years after their promise to rid their toys and packaging of PVC, an independent study of a random selection of over 60 Toys “R” Us toys, infant products, and packaging found toxic chemicals, including PVC and its toxic additives.

Because of their rapid growth and development, children are much more vulnerable than adults to exposure to toxins. And when these toxic chemical exposures come in the form of a much-desired new holiday gift, the kind of toy that doesn’t just show up at playtime, but is also at naptime, snack time, and all other daily activities; chemical exposure becomes as constant as the presence of that beloved new plastic playmate.

Tell Toys “R” Us to keep it’s promise today!

If you can’t get this link live, just cut and paste it into your browser.

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