Seeing Stars- Astrological Notes by Gretchen Lawlor

Today, Thursday, May 27, 2010, the heavens will host a very rare and unusual event. At 6:44 p.m. Pacific Time the planet Uranus will step into Aries for the first time since 1927. Uranus, (lightning bolt of awakening), is activating a new evolutionary cycle as it completes its 84 year journey from Aries through Pisces- and begins again, at this moment. Big celestial event. And even though Uranus will in 2 months dip back into the old cycle, returning to Pisces until early next Spring, the evolutionary reset begins today- illuminated and amplified by the Full Moon. If you
have been feeling anxious, if sleep is elusive- you are just in the current.
How does this affect you? This new energetic current carries courage to step out in new directions. The Tarot card the Fool symbolizes well this event- “Crazy Wisdom”, a “mystical cleverness bereft of reason”. In a time where the old order is failing, this new pulse activates inventiveness and originality, willingness to take simple actions rather than be hopelessly dragged along by circumstances. As Uranus steps into this first degree of Aries, it electrifies other celestial giants engaged in the early degrees of the cardinal cross- Pluto and Saturn. Each with their own potent agenda, at odds with each other, this summer’s stars reflect a time within each of us where we
will feel challenged in a number of directions. A portal, a nudge of great tension, requiring us each to be more conscious in our choices.
How to navigate these times? A great metaphor was offered to me by friend- sharing that she has been busy clearing out, giving away, detaching herself from old baggage and clutter- on many levels, knowing something huge was coming- and at the same time laying out all her art materials,
ready to pick up when the approaching spark entered her. Uranus into Aries: spontaneous innovation, unprecedented originality, adventurous experimentation. So clear your channels and begin to prepare your tools- whether they be artistic, revolutionary, collaborative, or intuitive (playfulness and experimentation will be rewarded). See the image of the tarot Fool- adventurer with small bag over shoulder, accompanied by small white dog (animal instinct), stepping joyfully into the unknown.

Consider a meditation; find the tallest hill you can ( maybe Bill Botts at Duquesne and Jefferson, all the way up? ) and stand at the peak in the early evening to watch the full moon rise. Don’t be afraid to make a Fool of yourself. That’s the place to begin.

Gretchen Lawlor is an astrologer with a national following. You can find her at
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