Garage Sales to the Rescue By Gabby Friedenthal

My idea of perfect weekend morning; hot, creamy coffee in my cup, birds chirping outside my window, sunshine on my shoulder, and the promise of a good garage sale .  There’s nothing quite like a good garage sale.  The mere mention of a garage sale spells promise, hope, and a big fat chance at the deal of your life time.  Let’s put it this way:  Home and Garden magazine would call my abode – High End Garage .

Having said that, picture this – It’s April 24. Outside it is an overcast Saturday morning. Inside a self proclaimed garage sale junkie waking up.  From my half asleep state I remember something very, VERY exciting and I eagerly jump out of bed, ready to break out into “Oh What A Wonderful Morning,” replete with dance moves.  Today is a the day I get  to go to not one…………. not two……………… not even three………… but  eight garage sales ALL of which are located in my cozy,  Lindberg Park neighborhood.

The best part about all eight garage sales is that the proceeds from each sale will collectively go towards purchasing emergency supplies for the Lindberg Park area in the case of a major disaster.  Ira Diamond, a co- coordinator for the eight-site operation and I got to talking as I browsed his site’s nifty sale items. This monumental garage sale effort stems from Lindberg Park trying to raise enough money to purchase disaster supplies to make ourselves self sufficient in an emergency.  The goal was to raise a total of $1800.

After my wonderful day at the garage sales, I am in a state of sheer bliss just thinking of the fantastic deal I got on three designer ceramic pots AND that set of mixing bowls I have so needed.

I have to say though that I feel especially lucky, not because I only spent $5.50 for both purchases (retail value at least $100.00) but because I just got an email from Ira and here is what he reported:

“We raised over $2,000!!!  Our goal was $1,800, but we were expecting less than $1,000.  We were extremely happy with the results.  We had an amazing experience in Lindberg Park.  Families from every block throughout Lindberg Park pulled together and worked towards a common goal in an amazing way.  The community unity, togetherness, neighborliness and community spirit was very inspiring and brought a lot of people together!”

Ira’s email re-reminds me that  my family and I are fortunate enough to live in a place where we have our very own suburban Justice League, a group of folks who, in times of trouble, are there to help the greater good.  We’re fortunate enough to live in a place with a particular small town feel but actually a part of one of the largest counties in the nation.  This is a city where, as Henry Merritt, a fellow neighbor and NERT member says “we’re all interconnected with a common purpose.”

With two young children growing up in this neighborhood and this town in general, it’s comforting to know we have such an active and caring community. I’m particularly glad that they chose such a wonderful and happy making medium in which to raise funds for this important cause that concerns us all.  In case you want to know who these caped crusaders posing as your every day neighborly neighbor might actually be and you want to say a special thanks, here’s a list of everyone that worked very hard to insure the effort was a great success:
Hosts of the garage sales:  Geri Thomas, Kathleen Arena, Don Reitfeld, Jessica-Beagles-Roos, Jon and Francine Graff, Ann Miks, Art and Heather Perez and Tony Haworth!
The Steering Committee of our Disaster Program who planned the whole event: June Walden, Kathleen Arena, Peter and Jennifer Huang, Ira Diamond and Tim Martinez.
Lindberg Park Disaster Program co-coordinators: Ira Diamond and Tim Martinez.

Culver City Crossroads is pleased to welcome Gabby Friedenthal as our Lindberg Park correspondent. Do you want to see more news about your neighborhood? We want more writers, so get in touch and send us a sample of your work. There are crossroads all over town.  Tell us about yours.

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