Sustainable Businesses Win Certification from City

On October 15, 2020, Culver City commended thirteen newly certified sustainable businesses into Culver City’s Sustainable Business Certification Program (Certification Program) during its third annual, (and first virtual,) awards ceremony hosted by the City and its program managers Sustainable Works and Balanced Approach.

“It is remarkable that 13 businesses achieved certification this year despite facing extreme challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has had upon them. They deserve being commended for their environmental stewardship and for helping our entire community become more sustainable and resilient,” said Culver City Mayor Göran Eriksson. “The Certification Program demonstrates the City’s commitment to the environment, and promotes commercial energy efficiency and water conservation,” added Vice Mayor Alex Fisch.

The following Certified Businesses and Certified Innovator Businesses are acknowledged for 2020-2023:

Certified Innovator Businesses
Actors’ Gang, Inc.
Boschan Corp.
Happyland Preschool
Kirk Douglas Theatre
Mithun Hodgetts + Fung
Zooga Yoga

Certified Businesses
Branches Atelier
Echo Horizon School
Motive LA
WoodShop Studios Inc.
Zambezi, LLC.
A total of 46 businesses in the office, retail, restaurant, education, and entertainment sectors are now members of the City’s Certification Program. Collectively, these businesses are saving over 246,000 kWh of electricity and 3.3 million gallons of water annually, diverting over 30 tons of recyclable materials from landfills, reducing 69 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, all while saving $64,500 annually.

In 2017, Sustainable Works and Balanced Approach developed a customized Certification Program on behalf of the City that adheres to the California Green Business Network (CAGBN) guidelines. The Certification Program assists participating businesses with resources for reducing energy and water use, preventing pollution, reducing GHG emissions and diverting waste from landfills. Adopting sustainable policies and promoting cleaner modes of transportation are key components of the Certification Program. Businesses may choose from two certification tiers, “Certified” or “Certified Innovator”. Certified businesses meet core resource efficiency and community engagement criteria, while Certified Innovator businesses add innovative practices to offset GHG emissions, participate in their communities and adopt socially responsible practices. These certified businesses acknowledge their achievement and commitment to operating in a sustainable manner by proudly displaying the Certification Program logo and certification seal in their promotional materials and on their websites. They are also included in the statewide CAGBN directory, and on a new Shop Green – Business Search smart phone app for iPhone and Shop Green – Business Search smart phone app for Android, which feature certified green businesses across the State of California.

In recognition of the economic hardships local businesses have faced this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sustainable Works and Balanced Approach team connected participating businesses with COVID-19 business assistance programs, such as Small Business Administration loans, and encouraged participation in CAGBN Business Resilience webinars.

Culver City is one of 40 local government Certification Programs in California that participate in the CAGBN. Over 4,200 businesses have become CAGBN-certified in California. Collectively, these businesses have reduced CO2 emissions by 422,000 metric tons, saved over 201 million kWh of electricity, saved 249 million gallons of water, diverted over 99,000 metric tons of waste from landfills, and saved over $5 million. Visit the Culver City Sustainable Business Certification Program webpage for more information.

About Balanced Approach and Sustainable Works

Balanced Approach and Sustainable Works partnered with the City of Culver City in 2017 to create and manage the City’s premiere Sustainable Business Certification Program. Balanced Approach is a Culver City-based Certified Woman-Owned planning consulting firm led by its Principal Shea Cunningham. The Balanced Approach team offers local knowledge, strong community relationships and over 20 years of experience in sustainability planning and programing. Established in 1998, Sustainable Works is a non-profit organization that administers various community sustainability programs including the Green Business Certification Program for the City of Santa Monica. To date, Sustainable Works has enrolled 380 businesses and helped over 250 firms achieve certification and/or win Sustainable Quality Awards. Sustainable Works is led by Co-Executive Directors Susy Borlido and Gina Garcia. Together, in addition to Culver City, they have managed local CAGBN certification programs for the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Irvine, as well as managing green building programs across the state.

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