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Transition Culver City

TCC- Simplify the Holidays

TCC- Simplify the Holidays

Transition Culver City will help you clear the decks before you deck the halls with a thought provoking evening of sharing and creating. Simplify the Holidays: CIY (Create It Yourself) Craft Workshop, White Elephant Exchange and Dessert Potluck on Dec. 1 (this Wednesday) from  7 to 9 p.m. Make this holiday season the simplest and most rewarding ever. Share ideas and materials for [...]

Life After Oil – Transition Conference on Sept. 25

Life After Oil – Transition Conference on Sept. 25

If you've been thinking about it, now is the time to register for the Sept 25 "Life After Oil" one-day mini-conference sponsored by Transition LA. "Life After Oil" offers a detailed view of how the Transition process works, and how it has been unfolding here in L.A. You'll have a unique chance to work together with a great group of other activists from all over the greater L.A. area -- [...]

Transition – Permaculture Classes

Transition – Permaculture Classes

If you are interested in permaculture, Transition Culver City wants to connect you with classes that will give you the techniques to create the best of green living. In a world out of balance, we are all looking for solutions that can lead to effective ways of growing healthy, organic food in urban environments. Learn about regenerative farming that can both feed a family, earn an income and [...]

Transition Culver City Meets on Feb 24 to Talk About Water

Transition Culver City Meets on Feb 24 to Talk About Water

Transition Culver City will host a talk on water use in California, focusing on how ocean-friendly gardens conserve this precious resource. Pieter Severynen, Director of Design and Planning at North East Trees will be speaking and showing slides to illustrate water use in California and how Ocean-Friendly gardens conserve this precious resource. In this talk you will learn about how water is [...]