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Centennial Poetry Reading Celebrates Culver Creativity

unnamedCulver City’s Centennial Poetry Readings and Contest, organized by Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult, Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry, had its third and final reading entitled “Poetry, Popcorn and Pie” at the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum on Saturday, September 9, 2017. Poems about Culver City were submitted throughout the Centennial year and many were read at the first two readings in October 2016 and April 2017.

All poems were included in the judging, which was conducted with the assistance of Lynne Bronstein, well-known local poet and journalist. Award winners were selected based on literary merit and how they handled the theme of their poem.

Julie Lugo Cerra, Culver City’s Historian, presented the awards – signed copies of her books to: 1st place winner Helen Seid, 2nd place winner Ann Garrett, 3rd place winner Miriam Schnepp, and 4th place winer Audrey Hess

First Place – Helen Seid’s poem “They Aren’t Here Anymore” takes us on a trip through the years as she remembers what used to be here in Culver City and reminds us that our memories of what was there will continue to be with us.
Second Place – Ann Garrett, who moved here from Chicago, shares her
feelings about how special Culver City, our Senior Center and our Culver City police department are for her in her poem “My Gem of a Place to Live”
Third Place – Miriam Schnepp, “Poet in Residence” at the Senior Center, whose
lovely poem “Shall We Dance” provides us with a sense of the joy our Senior citizens share when they are involved in activities at the Senior Center
Fourth Place – Audrey Hess for her poem “The Culver Hotel” which gives us history and also some insights into one of Culver City’s most historic buildings.

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