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New Science Building Gets Space at the School Complex – Construction to Begin this Summer

Science Building SiteAs Culver City students, teachers, staff, and families head into summer to enjoy some much-deserved time off, the Culver City Unified School District will be busy with more than fifty construction projects each bringing us closer to our vision of 21st Century facilities for all.

Among these projects will be a two-year effort to bring modern science facilities to the entirety of Culver City Unified, and the creation of space for a future permanent home for Culver Park, iAcademy, and valuable blended learning programs.

Beginning this summer, the building in the parking lot between Farragut Elementary and Culver City Middle School, which has been closed since 1991, will be taken down to create room for a two-story, eight-classroom Science Building to be shared by the middle and high schools. This space, complete with a courtyard and enclosed student walkway, will create modern student laboratory facilities and be a hub for Next Generation Science Learning well into the future. Our plan is to complete this project in two summer phases: 1) Take down the building in the Summer of 2017 to make room for the Science Building construction, 2) Construct a Prefast Science Building next Summer for student and teacher occupancy in the Fall of 2018.

Parking and traffic may be impacted by aspects of this construction, and we thank everyone for their patience as we move closer to our facilities vision for CCUSD. Once complete, there will be a two-way entry/exit lane on the Farragut-side of the parking complex, as well as additional parking for staff and visitors.

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “New Science Building Gets Space at the School Complex – Construction to Begin this Summer”

  1. George Laase says:

    Isn’t it a little strange that there was no mention of the building’s previous name that is going to be torn down. This is probably a reprint of a district release. The name in question was known as the Natatorium. I guess invoking the name was thought to be too controversial to print.

    George Laase

  2. Judith says:

    Since the Natatorium has been closed for decades, very few people know it by that name. None of the students on either campus that I have spoken with were at all familiar with it.
    It seems equally strange to refer to a space by a title that’s defunct for so many years.
    And yes, this is a release from the district.

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