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Archive for April, 2017

CC Symphony Creates Guest Conductor Chair for Shulman

CC Symphony Creates Guest Conductor Chair for Shulman

Culver City Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce Andrew Shulman as Principal Guest Conductor. In the history of the orchestra, Shulman is the first to hold this position. Due to Conductor Fetta's demands as a conductor with other orchestras, and the work he does in the other musical positions he holds, there were times when he could not conduct the orchestra, and Shulman was called in as [...]

Fox Hills Plaza – Updates from FHNA

Fox Hills Plaza – Updates from FHNA

Since the Community Forum meetings held by Culver City’s Community Development Department,  the Fox Hills Neighborhood Association has been in contact with them for any new updates. According to the Culver City Community Development Department, as of March 16, 2017, no plans have been submitted by the new property owners of the Fox Hills Plaza. The HSH Management Company, the new owners, [...]

Justice Griffith Designs for Nike & Clippers

Justice Griffith Designs for Nike & Clippers

When the Los Angeles Clippers took the floor against the Washington Wizards on March 29, star power forward Blake Griffin was wearing a special pair of kicks. The 6-foot-10 Griffin was sporting a custom pair of Jordan Brand Super Fly 5 shoes called the “Just 5,” created by CCUSD student Justice Griffith. Justice, a graduate of El Rincon Elementary School, currently attends Culver City [...]

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

Culver City Friends of the Library welcome Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult this Tuesday, April 4 at 7:00 p.m. for April Story Time. Dr. Hoult will read “How do Dinosaurs go to School?”, where you can find out if dinosaurs behave in school and make friends with the other classmates! There will be a fun arts and crafts Dinosaur project to follow, and [...]

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